Monday, June 3, 2019

Why the "Game of Thrones" finale is BRILLIANT!

Join Integral Cinema Project's lead researcher Mark Allan Kaplan and associate researcher Jonathan Steigman as they make the case in this new podcast for Why the Game of Thrones finale is BRILLIANT! While they are definitely in the minority with this one they explore how the finale managed several extraordinary moves that deepened and anchored the entire series. With the finale, the whole arc and purpose of Game of Thrones became clear. The show is about the transition away from the Mythic/Traditional structure of consciousness and the end of feudalism...and the rise and fall of an authoritarian demagogue with weapons of mass destruction...leading to rumblings of the Rational/Modern structure and the transition toward democracy.

Mark and Jonathan also make the case that part of the disappointment in the finale may be because of how the last 2 seasons were truncated, moving to an archetypal storytelling style that sometimes clashed with the previous 6 seasons.

Why the Game of Thrones finale is BRILLIANT! (TEHNC 26) from TEHNC Podcast on Vimeo.

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