Media Shaman Studio Series

The MEDIA SHAMAN STUDIO SERIES is series of integrally-informed dialogues on movies that appear to be able to raise consciousness in some way. Hosted by Conscious Good Creators Network.

Integral Goes to the Movies (Public Talk)

Acclaimed filmmaker and Integral Cinema Project founder Mark Allan Kaplan, Ph.D. presents a mind-blowing new way to look at and think about the moving image in all its evolving forms. This March 16, 2016 talk for Bay Area Integral at the Rudramandir Center in Berkeley, CA has been turbocharged with dozens of visual aids and nearly 100 film clips to create a multi-dimensional visceral experience of the evolution of cinematic consciousness.

Art-in-Motion Series

The ART-IN-MOTION SERIES is collection of moving image meditations that attempt to use advanced audiovisual and cinematic entrainment technologies along with animated abstract art to explore the human perceptual field, potentially inducing shifts in our awareness of our own perceptual field and bringing the normally unconscious perceptual construct-forming system of the human mind to conscious awareness.

The Pond

THE POND is a short video meditation for relaxation, personal growth and transformation. Integral transformative approaches to audiovisual expression are used to capture the presence and atmosphere of the natural environment of a pond and the state of consciousness one can acquire when meditating in this environment. The gentle movement and presence of swimming fish and the interplay of earth, water and light, combine to create a healing and calming energy, while subtle shifts in perspective and consciousness-altering audiovisual elements help stimulate the expansion of both inner and outer awareness.

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