TOWARD AN INTEGRAL CINEMA: The Application of Integral Theory to Cinematic Media Theory and Practice. The results of Phase One of this inquiry; introduced as a presentation paper at the 2010 Integral Theory Conference and published in the Journal of Integral Theory and Practice, 2010, 5(4), 112-138.

INTEGRAL CINEMA STUDIO. An introductory article series on integral cinema theory and practice published online in the Integral Post: Transmissions from the Edge, Integral Life, 2011-2012.

INTEGRAL CINEMATIC ANALYSIS: Mapping the Multiple Dimensions of the Cinema and the Co-Evolution of Cinema, Consciousness, Culture, and Society. The results of Phase Two of ICP research (Preliminary Theory-Building); introduced as a presentation paper at the 2013 Integral Theory Conference and published in the Journal of Integral Theory and Practice, 2013, 8(3&4), p.255-276.

META-CINEMETRICS: Integrally-Informed Moving Image Metrics for Minimizing Risk, Maximizing Creativity and Profit, and Optimizing Viewer Experience. A white paper introducing an integrally-informed complexity approach to cinematic media analysis. Integral Cinema Project, White Paper No. 1, May, 2014.

ROBIN WILLIAMS AND THE COMPLEX LOSS OF A FALLEN STAR. An integrally-informed complexity reflection on the loss of actor Robin Williams. MetaIntegral Foundation, 2014.

THE ARCHETYPAL LENS: An Integral Approach to Archetypes and Archetypes in the Cinematic Arts. A presentation exploring the preliminary application of an Integral approach to archetypes and archetypes in the cinematic arts. Presented at MetaIntegral Academy for the Advanced Meta‐Movieology Course on April 16, 2015.

DEVELOPMENT OF A TECHNOLOGY-BASED BEHAVIORAL VACCINE TO PREVENT ADOLESCENT DEPRESSION: A Heath System Integration Model. Research report from our research partnership project at the University of Chicago and the University of Illinois at Chicago Schools of Medicine where we assisted them in applying integral cinematic metadesign to deepen the power and effect of their multimedia mental health intervention to help teens at risk of depression and suicide learn to become more resilient in the face of the often daunting challenges of growing up in today’s fast moving and complicated world. Internet Interventions, July 2015.

HOLO-CINEMATICS: An Integral Approach to Understanding the Language of the Moving Image. An exploration of the unique language of the moving image in all its evolving forms using theoretical and perceptual paradigms from Integral Theory, most notably the holonic lens. A new integrally-informed analytical methodology is presented and the use of this lens appears to provide one of the most accurate ways of analyzing and understanding how cinematic works communicate with us. Integral Cinema Project, White Paper No. 2, October 2016.

MEDIA LITERACY FOR A POST-TRUTH AGE. A presentation to the Carey Institute for Global Good outlining an integrally-informed approach to media literacy designed to help people discern what is the truth in this age of fake news, reality bubbles and invisible propaganda networks, June 2017.

WHAT SAM SHEPARD TAUGHT ME ABOUT STORYTELLING AND LIFE. Reflections on lessons learned from Sam Shepard, celebrated American playwright, actor, author, screenwriter, and director, from his master class at the American Film Institute's Center for Advanced Film Studies. Integral Cinematic Arts Journal, August 2017.

STRUCTURES OF CINEMATIC CONSCIOUSNESS. This white paper is a preliminary mapping of how stages of human development and the structures of consciousness that make up each stage are embedded in moving image-based artifacts such as movies, television, online and mobile video, video games, virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality mediums. These mappings are based on a meta-analysis of hundreds of moving image artifacts cross-referenced with research on stages of human development, structures of individual and collective human consciousness, human perception, creative expression, and cultural and social anthropology. This research suggests that human beings project their structures of consciousness into their creative works. This in turn appears to create similar composites of structures of consciousness embedded in these works. In a sense these embedded consciousness structures create a kind of cinematic consciousness that lives within the constructed cinematic reality of these moving images. Integral Cinema Project, White Paper No. 3, December 2018.

CINEMA AND THE EVOLUTIONARY EMOTIONAL-AESTHETICS OF SRI AUROBINDO. This is a research report on one of our current research projects exploring the integral-evolutionary theories and approaches of Sri Aurobindo's work. Integral Cinema Project, Research Paper, June 2019.

PERCEPTION PRACTICES AND TRANSFORMATIVE MEDA: Tools to Help Self, Other and World Evolve through Transformative Media Reception and Creation. Research report on the discovery and testing of new approaches to media-assisted evolutionary development. Integral Cinema Project, Research Paper, March 2020.

THE INTEGRAL MOVIE AND TV LIST. An online interactive Internet Movie Database (IMDb) resource list of all the movies and television series that have passed the Basic Integral Cinema Aperspectivalism Test. Integral Cinema Project and IMDb, ongoing.

THE INTEGRAL CINEMATIC ARTS READING LIST. An online interactive GoodReads reading list highlighting primary texts related to the integral cinematic arts. Integral Cinema Project and, ongoing.

 An online journal with short articles and essays on the integral cinematic arts, ongoing.

THE CO-EVOLUTION OF THE MOVING IMAGE, CONSCIOUSNESS, CULTURE, AND SOCIETY TIMELINE. An interactive web-based multimedia timeline research platform and showcase for continuing ICP analysis and theory-building, published online. Integral Cinema Project and Tiki-Toki, ongoing (Beta Version).

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