Sunday, January 1, 2023

Announcing the launch of the Lived Inquiry MetaLab


Dear family, friends, supporters, colleagues, students and all those new to my work, I would like to announce my latest project, the Lived Inquiry MetaLab on Substack. 

I have worn many hats and had many different journeys in different domains and on different platforms. Now I will be attempting to bring all my life paths together in this one virtual space…exploring my adventures in transformative art, media, technology, consciousness and beyond.

I believe, like many others, that we are going through a major civilization-wide transition. Anthropologists call the kind of transition we are in a liminal phase, where we experience such a radical shift in the underlying paradigms of our world that every aspect of our inner and outer beingness goes into flux. Old constructs fall apart and there is a blank space that emerges within and around us before new ones fully emerge. Some call what we are going through the Metacrisis, where all domains are in crisis…and it definitely feels that way to me.

At this moment I am experiencing this liminal-ness in all dimensions of my being and surrendering into it. 

My previous work in the domains of art, media, technology and consciousness still lives within me, yet the frames in which I have held this work are deconstructing. 

  • What is art now that A.I.s are generating a wild new stream of art out of the collective consciousness of humanity? 
  • What is media when there are so many new forms overlapping and inter-mingling with themselves and other previous non-media domains? 
  • What is technology when it is transcending all its previous boundaries and becoming alive in strange new ways? 
  • And what is consciousness when our human world appears to be going mad while our machines start to think like us?

I believe that in this liminal phase we are all called upon to be lived inquiry explorers, beta testing the future as it unfolds within us and all around us…so that we can help navigate our way toward a more positive future. For me, this calling is a calling for us to turn our lives into labs without walls, without boundaries…a meta-lab of lived inquiry…