Thursday, October 18, 2018

The Transformative Technology Academy 2018 and the Integral Cinema Project

This year we were invited to attend the Sofia University Transformative Technology Lab’s first Transformative Technology Academy, a month-long intensive development program to support entrepreneurs and innovators using technology to expand human possibility.

It was an amazing experience, becoming part of a global community dedicated to leveraging technology to expand human possibility through the vectors of mental health, personal growth and development, and individual and collective evolutionary transformation.

We received significant feedback and support on our integral cinema research endeavor, forged beautiful, rich and deep connections with fellow innovators and explorers, and learned so much from my peers and from the program mentors who were all amazing and passionate explorers and supporters of using technology for the betterment of self, other and world.

We were struck by the lack of competitiveness in our community and a spirit of support for each other’s work and passions...and deeply grateful for this opportunity...