Friday, November 25, 2016

Integral Cinema Feast at the Box Office

This month, November 2016, I detected at least three movies in theaters that tested positive for integrally-informed elements. During the nine years that I have been testing movies for their structures of consciousness I have not seen this many integrally-informed movies in the theaters at the same time. 

If you are interested in having an integrally-informed cinematic experience...check out one or all of these three movies currently in theaters:


A haunting and transcendent close-encounter movie that takes us on an elegant inner and outer cinematic journey that subtly attempts to integrate and transcend the boundaries of individual and collective interior and exterior existence, and the nature of language, perception and time itself. 

Doctor Strange

A Marvel "superhero movie" that follows the evolution of the main character as a person and as a hero, from an egocentric or self-centered circle of care and concern to a circle of care and concern for the whole Kosmos. It also has some wild, beautiful and fun expressions of the transcendent nature of time and space.

Voyage of Time

A beautiful visceral IMAX cinematic experience into the evolutionary arc of existence and how holding it in our awareness can give us a deeper, richer and more integrated present-moment experience...the experience of the Kosmo-centric witness. 

For more integrally-informed cinematic works check out The Integral Movie and TV List on the Internet Movie Database (IMDb) at:

On the list you will find all the movies and television series that have tested positive for having integrally-informed elements to varying degrees according to testing criteria developed during research on the application of Integral Theory to cinematic media theory and practice.

According to this research, a cinematic work is deemed to be integral if elements of the integral stage of development are represented in the cinematic form, style, structure, content, and/or are embedded in the material as a presence or atmosphere. These representations of the elements of the integral stage of development can include: The exploration and integration of multiple evolving dimensions and perspectives of lesser and greater depth and span; the concretion of abstract and interior dimensions and perspectives, such as time and interiority, in the service of evolutionary growth and development; an evolutionary story, event, and/or character progression that is given greater than or equal emphasis to conflict resolution, with progression developing vertically through at least three stages or levels of development; the evolutionary impulse as a driving force or causality pattern; the valuing of truth that is qualified by evolving perspectival fields; and/or a Kosmo-centric circle of care and concern that suggests an awareness, integration, and embracing of all of existence.

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