Sunday, December 1, 2019

December 2019 Conscious Movie-of-the-Month

This month’s Conscious Movie-of-the-Month is Inception (2010)

Join us this month as we explore another groundbreaking evolutionary cinematic work, Inception (2010). This mind-bending cinematic journey into our dreams and the multiple layers of structures of consciousness inside our minds is the only cinematic work we have found that directly maps and experientially depicts the Worldview line of development. Inception gives us a visceral experience of these structures, including how they are transcended and included inside our field of consciousness.

For this Conscious Movie-of-the-Month event, in addition to our regular virtual chat about the film later in the month we will be posting an article on how the structures of consciousness are embedded in Inception. We will also provide a special viewing practice that can help make the film viewing a powerful transformative experience. This practice is designed to give us an embodied understanding of the structures of consciousness inside ourselves and in any moving image work.

If you have not seen Inception you can stream it online on most of the main streaming services or get a free rental from your local library. We recommend watching the film at least twice, the second time with the intention of seeing any patterns of consciousness you had not seen before. You can increase the transformative potential of the second viewing experience by reading the upcoming article and performing the special viewing practice beforehand. As always, you are also invited to share your thoughts, reflections and musings about the movie in our group's online discussion forum.

Find out more about our free virtual discussion on February 22nd HERE.

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