Wednesday, August 22, 2018

An Integral Analysis of the New African American Cinema

Introducing a new podcast series exploring the integrative and integral wave we are detecting in a new movement in African American Cinema. This movement, which we are calling the New Black Cinema, consists of a group of subtle and not-so-subtle filmmakers who are taking on the intersection of race, class and social structures as they affect the lived experience of black Americans. These filmmakers are also doing all this in a simple yet complex integrative way that has the potential to actually be able to bypass what sociologist Robin DiAngelo calls "white fragility," the natural resistance of white viewers to deeply examine the entrenched white supremacy woven through every strand of modern America.

The cinematic artists we have identified so far include:

New Black Cinema for White People

With Integral Cinema Project lead research Mark Allan Kaplan and associate researcher Jonathan Steigman. For newbies to integral cinema, we will be introducing some of the basic concepts in this series as we explore these works and artists; and there will be lots of classic and new integral cinema theory and practice being presented here for both beginning and advanced integral cinematic arts students, creators, fans and cinephiles...

View the whole podcast series at:

For background, we highly recommend Robin DiAngelo's mind-blowing book White Fragility for a deep dive into the way white supremacy is encoded into all white Americans from birth.

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