Thursday, December 28, 2017

Art-in-Motion Series

The Integral Cinema Project announces the ART-IN-MOTION SERIES, a collection of moving image meditations that attempt to use advanced audiovisual and cinematic entrainment technologies along with animated abstract art to explore the human perceptual field. The intention behind these works is to potentially induce shifts in our awareness of our own perceptual field and bring the normally unconscious perceptual construct-forming system of the human mind to conscious awareness.


ICP cinematic artist and researcher Mark Allan Kaplan attempts to morph one of his artworks into a transformative cinematic meditation using an adapted form of the "Cine-Sculpture" approach developed by ICP research associate James Lusero and combines it with Integral Cinematic Metadesign techniques to synchronize visual, auditory, textual and temporal expressive forms with an underlying transformative perceptual and conceptual field.


We would like to acknowledge the works of the following individuals and organizations who inspired and laid the foundation for the approaches used in these cinematic works: Integral Cinema and Cinéma Pur pioneer Germaine Dulac; cinematic Montage and Synchronization-of-the-Senses developer Sergei Eisenstein; Filmic Expression pioneers Slavko Vorkapić, Lestor Novros and Bruce Block; Visual Music innovator Jordan Belson; state of consciousness cinematic induction trailblazers Dorothy Fadiman and Ken Jenkins; cinematic creation state explorers James Broughton and David Lynch; audio and visual brainwave entrainment pioneers, innovators and explorers Pierre Janet, Arthur Hastings, Robert Monroe, Dr. Jeffrey Thompson, Kelly Howell, Eric Thompson, iAwake Technologies and Subtle Energy Sciences; the integrally-informed metatheories of Ken Wilber, Jean Gebser, Edgar Morin and Sri Aurobindo; the consciousness hacking innovations of Mikey Siegel and fellow explorers of the Consciousness Hacking movement; and the integrated transdisciplinary “Cine-Sculpture” explorations of Integral Cinema Project research associate and multidisciplinary artist James Lusero.


We would like to give special thanks to the folks at iAwake Technologies for their generous donation of the audio entrainment track. To learn more about iAwake Technologies visit them at:

You can view the whole series at the Integral Cinema Project's YouTube Channel at:

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